How To Buy

Wondering ‘How to buy?’ Its simple, we have put together a user friendly website to ensure our customers have a smooth journey!

Step 1 - Pick the platform you would like to purchase coins on (PS4, Xbox One, iOS or Android) then select the amount you would like to buy.

Step 2 - On your console or mobile, load the MUT 21 game & head over to the auction house. List any worthless player (If you don’t have any, you can buy one for around 500 coins) for the amount of coins you are purchasing. (If you are purchasing 250,000 coins, you should list the players buy now price as 250,000 & use the start price we provide you with)

Step 3 - Fill out the player form by typing the players name you listed on the auction house. (Please ensure that all the player details are correct for instant delivery) then add to cart.

Step 4 - Check out successfully using our secure payment gateway via PayPal or G2A Pay. (You will receive a email confirming your order)

Step 5 - We will purchase the card you listed on the auction house and the coins will transfer into your Madden Ultimate Team account.

Step 6 - Enjoy your coins!