Madden 20: Newsletter Release

The long-awaited wait is almost over, the official release date for Madden NFL 20 is August 2nd. EA Sports have provided its fans with a teaser into a selection of the player ratings for the coming edition of Madden.

As it currently stands there are only four 99-overall players including the following; Aaron Donald (RE) from The Rams, DeAndre Hopkins (WR) from The Texans, Khalil Mack (LOLB) from The Bears and Bobby Wagner (MLB) from The Seahawks.

Following the 99 Club are three 98-overall players which include; Antonio Brown (WR) from The Raiders, Julio Jones (WR) from The Falcons and Luke Kuechly (MLB) from The Panthers. Not to forget this year’s cover athlete Patrick Mahomes (QB) form The Chiefs who will take the top spot for the quarterbacks opening the game with a 97-overall rating. 


Madden NFL 20 Features

QB1 and College Football

Madden NFL 20 brings in QB1 mode this is an extension to Franchise Mode that allows you as the player to play as a customised quarterback. This is essentially a replacement for Superstar Mode, with the only difference being you can only play as a Quarterback instead of any position like pervious editions.  QB1 allows you to play on the big stages like the College Football Playoffs, then advancing to the NFL Combine before being able to begin your career as an NFL Superstar.

Franchise Mode

EA Sports bring back Franchise mode to Madden NFL 20. In this mode you can choose to play as a player (any position) unlike QB1 mode, or a coach or even an owner. You can choose a single player or decide to compete in a multiplayer online league with up to 32 different teams. Franchise mode allows you to play the preseason as well as the regular season and playoffs on a quest to win the golden prize of the Super Bowl.

Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Team

Ultimate team is back, and if you decided to purchase one of the special editions of the game you are in for some nice new upgrades.

Madden NFL 20 Online, Exhibition Play

If you just want to practice your skills against the computer you’re in the right place, you can play offline in the traditional exhibition game mode, or if you want to go up against other gamers, simply play online. These game modes allow for single or multiplayer options. Exhibition play allows you to customize everything down to the time, rules, stadiums and uniforms.

Madden NFL 20 Superstar X-Factor

This is a brand new feature with has been added to Madden. There is going to be 50 players who will have the Superstar X- Factor Zone abilities. These Zone Abilities can be unlocked during gameplay by completing objectives tailored to that specific player.

There are a range of offensive and defensive abilities. Some of these include Bazooka which is the maximum distance increased by over 15 yards. The next being Blitz Radar, this highlights extra blitzers after the ball has been snapped. Double Me this ability wins aggressive catches versus single coverage. Fearmonger this is where you have a change to pressure the QB while engaged with a blocker. And the Shutdown which is a more tighter coverage with more interceptions on contested catches. 

Other Madden NFL 20 Features

  • Play the Pro Bowl
  • Unique Playbooks
  • New Option Plays
  • Pump Fake Upgrades
  • MUT Missions
  • On Field Trainer
  • New Celebrations

EA Sports have introduced run-pass options (RPOS) into this years Madden and in general improved the overall playbook. In previous years playbooks were very similar going team by team, but EA Sports say that we will see a much bigger variety in ‘Madden NFL 20”. In addition to this some new tricks have been added into the game such as the famous Philly Special.

The On-Field Trainer doesn’t sound too exciting for the more experienced Madden players and it’s a way to assist players to get better at the game. Nothing more frustrating than trying to play a quick game and having something pop up on the screen constantly.

On a brighter note the new celebrations bring a new addition to the game. EA Sports already showcased one of them by failing to give Tom Brady a high five.

Having the option to play in the Pro Bowl and upgrading the pump fake are nice small changes to the game that will overall improve gameplay.